Thursday Night @ Green Tower

Session 11

News Article


Special Edition – 5 CP

Reports have come in to our office from an under-cover reporter that the heroic vigilante group known as the "Redbrand Killers" (or alternatively, Gundren's Gang) have made their way to Wave Echo Cave and are currently engaged in a struggle to liberate the old facility. This will not be an easy task considering the number of unsavory characters that control the area. Additionally, our heroes seem to be missing a few of the original warriors that helped rid Phandalin, as well as a local castle and a couple of local caves, of the notorious Redbrand gang. Town Master Harbin Wester commented, "Obviously, the vigilantes are capable fighters, but townsfolk fear that maybe this time,  it just won't be enough, and reprisals will follow! That would be most unfortunate considering that we did not order the attack, and especially considering what the town has gone through to date."  

When asked, opinions differ on the street though, Elmar Barthen rebutted, "It's high time someone did something about the anarchy this town has been a victim of lately. Harbin Wester is just looking for a way to save his skin if the Redbrands return! He did nothing to help us when the gang ran wild in our streets!".  And local innkeeper Toblen Stonehill remarked, "I've talked to these warriors in my pub … they are good people… the type we need here in town! We should support their efforts 100% and quit quaking in our boots about matters that, quite frankly,  we should be dealing with ourselves!"

Story by : Glom Wheyrbank (Senior Staff Writer)


     Merril's Magic Broom put to good use to save Jannos' skin



anderson_nate Warmongr

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